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Hybrid configurations reducing Gas and CO2 emissions


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Indoo Sp. z o.o. is proud to present induction-accumulation boilers manufactured in Poland, which are an innovative alternative in the field of heating. Our devices are the answer to the needs of the modern world, eliminating traditional gas heating, solid fuel cookers and electric heater and electrode cookers. Discover why Indoo boilers are the future of heating.

INDOO Ltd. is the European leader in the production of innovative induction-accumulation devices. With more than 12 years of experience and extensive knowledge, we are a guarantor of your heating success. Our products are available for business and industry as well as for individual customers, tailored to meet a variety of market needs. Discover why choosing our equipment is the key to efficient and modern heating

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Heating systems with water buffer

Heat buffers bring tangible benefits to building owners , regardless of the method of space heating. Storing heat in an installation allows it to be used when it is actually needed and ensures efficient and economical operation of heating equipment.


As part of our comprehensive services, we offer you the maintenance of all types of installations found on the equipment of the building being serviced. The range of activities carried out by our specialists includes: inspections, operation, maintenance, measurements and, if necessary, ongoing repairs.

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Advantages of the Indoo microbottling plant

The micro-boiler’s time control capabilities and automatic operation enable it to operate on a cheaper tariff, providing efficient heating and energy savings. The absence of deposits and high efficiency of up to 98% minimise heat loss.

Induction microcogeneration plants

Advantages of the Indoo microbottling plant



Thanks to the compact size of the boiler, you can now install it in rooms with limited space without having to reserve a large area. You no longer need to worry about storing fuel, as this state-of-the-art boiler operates without the need for additional storage. Its maintenance-free and quiet operation means that it can be installed almost anywhere, while providing exceptional convenience. Installation is easy and undemanding, so you can enjoy all the benefits of modern heating technology without the hassle.

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Safety is a priority that is always at the heart of our solutions. Our compact boiler has been designed with your peace of mind in mind. Its small size allows it to be installed even in rooms with limited space, eliminating the need to reserve a lot of space. What’s more, thanks to innovative technology, you no longer need to worry about fuel storage, as our state-of-the-art boiler operates without the need for additional storage.

Our unit ensures safe and maintenance-free operation, eliminating unnecessary risks. Its quiet operation not only takes care of your comfort, but also provides peace and quiet in your surroundings. Installation is simple and requires no specialist skills, further underlining our commitment to providing you with exceptional convenience and safety.

With our boiler, you can enjoy all the benefits of modern heating technology while knowing that your safety is our priority.



Our solution is an extremely environmentally friendly alternative. It generates no carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, smoke or ash, resulting in a significant environmental impact. Our system works without the use of traditional fossil fuels, which means you not only save on fuel costs, but also reduce your carbon footprint. Our innovative technology is a step towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of using energy, while taking care of air quality and the health of the planet.



The versatility of our system is the key to comfort and efficiency. Thanks to the controllability of the boiler operating time and the available automatic mode, you are able to optimise your heating costs. Our solution allows you to benefit from a cheaper energy tariff, which guarantees not only more efficient heating but also energy savings. We are confident that our innovative technology will give you full control over your heating system, adapting it to your needs while contributing to efficient energy consumption.

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