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What is the ETC?

ETC, or Energy Transmission Coefficient, is an indicator of how INDOO micro-generators convert electrical energy into thermal energy. At the heart of the device is an induction coil with a ferromagnetic core, which are characterised by very high efficiency and high performance. Thanks to the accumulation of heat in the device during operation, the excess heat energy (accumulated – residual energy) which is not transferred directly to the heating medium is accumulated in specially designed zones of the device, so that it is transferred to the medium even when the device is not consuming electricity.

ETC ratio ?

The operation of an INDOO microcopper is not only about drawing electricity from the mains, it is also about very advanced passive operation using the energy of the heated elements which are the induction coils inside the boiler and its amazing construction with a number of materials involved, such as ferromagnetic bulkheads which prevent the displacement of electromagnetic fields in modular constructions equipped with more than one induction coil, glass spheres located between the induction coil and the boiler body, which provide a very high degree of protection against contact between the inductive elements and the casing itself and act as a heat accumulator during passive operation without power.

How to choose a device

Indoo units can be selected according to the amount of boiler water in the central heating system or the amount of boiler water in the tanks. There are 20 to 25 litres of boiler water or heating glycol per 1kWh.

Easy to count example :

  • 100L tank / 20-25 litres = One 5kW model
  • 160L tank / 20-25 litres = Duo 8kW model
  • 320L tank / 20-25 litres = Trio 16kW model

Now examples for CO systems.

radiators :

count the number of radiators height, length, number of fins or panels

Take a look at the tank selection table, you can easily choose the right appliance for your central heating system.

The graph shows the operating characteristics of the INDOO micro CHP plant. The blue line represents the temperature of the heating medium, which is glycol, while the red line represents the temperature of the accumulation-heating system – this is where the heat is stored, which can later be used to heat the glycol without drawing electricity. At the start of operation, the task of the induction coil is to heat the glycol to 75 ͦC; in the example shown in the diagram, the starting temperature is 15 ͦC.

The ETC is therefore a factor that can be determined by the formula:

P – appliance power [kW]

T – day (24h) [h].

t – operation time of the appliance per day (energy consumption from the grid) [h].

It is therefore a coefficient that depends on the appliance itself, but the external conditions, such as the thermal insulation of the building that is being heated, also affect the characteristics of its operation.

Indoo equipment electricity consumption cost table

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